Our products are designed to provide responsible solutions for the everyday financial needs of modern life covering retail loans, SME and Working Capital Finance and Project Funding.

About Us

Thousands of Indians deal with unexpected financial situations and expenses everyday. They need help with their finances to deal with these, but the process and costs involved in securing a loan or credit are generally complex and not very clear. This made us think towards establishing an organization that can help people and business with their finance and funding related requirements. The need to offer a simple, transparent and hassle-free experience while obtaining loans or credit is well established. There are numerous companies which claim to address these, however, the closer we looked, the more we realised a new, uncomplicated and electronic solution is required.

Having been in the Banking and Financial Services Industry and with decades of cumulative experience in the space encouraged us to take the plunge.

We established FundMart earlier this year (2016) with the objective of being the premier funding and financing requirements related institution with state-of-the- art technological prowess, solely customer centric processes and an uncomplicated business model.


Our Vision is to build an institution that is trusted by people and businesses to take care of all their finance or funding needs so that they can focus on improving their lives and building their businesses..


Customer Centricity

Our business is built around our customers - understand their lives and do all we can to meet their needs.


Always be responsible, accountable and transparent and strive to do the right thing.


Be ready think ahead and create genuine innovations by listening and finding better ways to serve our customers.


Let’s uncomplicate the process at all levels.


Our team is made up of hundreds of professionals and specialists with decades of experience in not only Banking & Financial Services but also Customer Services, Information Technology, Outsourcing and Telecom. We have already established our presence across 4 major cities in India – Mumbai, New Delhi, Bangalore and Hyderabad – through our branches.